Paint Protection Film

Lamin-X Paint protection film is a thin, optically transparent film designed to protect your vehicle's painted surfaces.


Front Bumper


$150 each

Side Skirts
$225 each

$95 each

1/4 Fenders$95 each

Door Handles
$29.99 each

  1/4 Hood   $275

Door Edges
$29.99 each

   Package 1    Call for Prices

$59.99 each

       Full Car        Call for Prices

4_Clear Bra.jpg


Your beautiful car needs beautiful paint. To protect your car's paint from rock chips and keep it looking new,  Optical FX uses Lamin-x Clear Bras. Clear bra kits give your vehicle an invisible layer of protection from rocks, paint chips, salt, and acidic bug residue. Clear Bra kits comes precut for your bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, and grille pieces for your vehicle. Once installed and cured, you won't even know its there doing its job for many years to come. Even the smallest details matter to you.

1_Door Cup.jpg


One of the most prone areas to get scratched and scuffed from keys or fingernails is your door cup area. You can now prevent and stop that scuffing and scratching by protecting the paint with our Door Cup Paint Protection. Made of the same material used for Clear Bras, our Door Cup Paint Protection film will keep your door cups looking like new, without changing the appearance

2_Invisible Bug Guard.jpg


The leading edge of your hood receives some of the most damage from road debris. As with our Clear Bra kits, this invisible layer of protective film keeps your hood's paint in pristine condition. Our Invisible Bug Guards are precut and designed to protect up to 12" on the front of your hood. Installation tools and instructions included to help you. Once applied you won't even know its there protecting your paint for years to come.

1_Rear Bumper Guard.jpg


Every time you load something into your trunk, you run the risk of damaging the paint on your rear bumper. You can now prevent and stop scratches with our Rear Bumper Guards. Made from the same material used for Clear Bras, this invisible film applies directly to the paint and will protect it from scratches or scuffing for many years to come. Once installed, you won't even notice it there doing its job protecting the top of the bumper.

Door Edge Guard.jpg


Chipping of the paint on your door edges will happen over time with constant opening of doors into things. Stop this atrocity and protect this edge with our Door Edge Guards! Made from the same material used for Clear Bras, this invisible film will protect your paint, but not alter the look of your car.